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C-Squared, Inc. develops Advanced Technology for the Automotive, Industrial, Diving, Medical and Safety Monitoring Markets.

Currently there is a great need for specialized gas sensors and gas analyzers designed to be hand held, battery operated, and easy to use. In addition the analyzers must be rugged and accurate.

C-Squared has combined the resources of their Engineers and Marketing group to release several gas analyzers to the Market that demonstrate both quality, ease of use and performance in a case smaller than a PDA. These gas analyzers are for Oxygen (0 to 100%), CO (0 to 100ppm), Helium (0 to 100%), Hydrogen (0 to 100%) and a combination that will analyze gases for Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen where the Carbon dioxide can be measured from ppm to 100%. All the gas analyzer units, except for the CO2-O2, weigh less than 7 ounces and the larger unit is less than 7 pounds including the rechargeable battery.

In addition to the gas analyzers, C-Squared has a full line of galvanic gas sensors, including oxygen sensors, Nox sensors, carbon monoxide sensors and helium sensors for most applications utilized in the fields of automotive testing, industrial applications, diving, medical and safety monitoring.
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