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Custom Solutions

Two-gas modules and Custom design and fabrication

Our forte is the design and construction of unique and sophisticated products to measure and analyze gases for safety, industrial and medical applications and the food industry.

Examples of products that we are ready to release or are in the second stage of development are the following:

  1. Two-gas, water tight units that allow for the measurement of Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen. (This unit can also be CO + O2, or three-gas) The analyzer is battery powered or may be panel mounted and use a line power supply. This unique product is currently ready for release into the market and would be of specific interest to the Food Transportation Industry and the Fire Fighting Industry.

  2. A second product we are working on is a simple monitor to detect oxygen in natural gas transportation lines. This monitor requires special construction due to the H2S that may be present in the gas that would destroy the Oxygen Sensor. This product is in its early design phase.

What would you want? We prefer specialty analyzers or monitors so that we may be able to resolve specific needs at low cost and ease of use.

What new type of capability do you require for Gas Sensors to be incorporated into monitors? C-Squared is the place to go to find the best and most effective sensors available today. These include Thermal Conductivity, Electro-Chemical sensors and other newer types of sensors that we will be introducing in the next year.

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